Update 1.0 released


An overlay for Forza Horizon with results tracking, new game modes and customizable widget system.

Drag mode

Drag mode

Christmas tree. Fully functional with 3 different modes – Full, Pro and Instant.

Configurable. Set race distance, number of participants and tree lights flash duration.

Measurements. Reaction time, elapsed time, total time and speed trap speed.

Widget system

Widget system

Widgets. Predefined widgets like Speedometer or Dynamometer. Data widgets with dozens of variables to choose from.

Customizable. Place anywhere on the screen. Change colors, sizes, add effects like shadows or skew. Define styles and reuse them.

Streamlined. Everything is done in the overlay - no switching between windows.

Results tracking

Results tracking

Recording. Your lap times are automatically recorded and saved.

Browse. Sort and filter through your results, add notes, visualize distribution with built-in chart.

Instant insight. Dedicated widget displaying your performance relative to your past results.

How to use

The overlay starts up automatically when you launch the game. Drag your mouse over the icon in the bottom left corner to open the overlay's menu. The auto-start feature and the whole overlay can be easily disabled at any time.


If there's a feature or improvement you would like to see be implemented, feel free to share it on our Discord or send an e-mail at [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

What are the supported platforms?

The only supported platform is PC.

What are the supported games?

  • Forza Horizon 5
  • Forza Horizon 4

Is the overlay compliant with Forza's Code of Conduct?

Yes. Racinext does not modify or otherwise tamper with the game's process or files. It is not a modification. The app has also been tested that it doesn't trigger a false positive.